Pone Boy

Ladies > A real man will like for you not your body parts.

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Ladies > You cannot make a man Love you..so stop trying to..either he does or he does not!

Cheating may be a way of life..But that don’t mean you have to make it a part of yours!

Pone Boy - So Fresh

If you in a Relationship..remember your single friends don’t have the same responsibilities as you do..so don’t try to keep up with everything they wanna do

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Fellas > Learn how to have sex with a woman Brain..before you get to the Vagina

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To be a CEO or a BOSS…you first have to Learn from one or Work under one

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100% of men say they Real..But » “Real Men Take Care of they Kids” ..now that percentage of real men = 20%

Pone Boy (BMF freestyle) shout out toYelawolf - Machine Gun Kelly & Mac Miller 

Chris Brown,Wiz Khalifa, Pone Boy, Berner & Big K.R.I.T. - Yoko